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​​​​​“Christy is a wonderful therapist!  She is very intuitive and her prenatal massages are just amazing.  She uses just the right amount of pressure, and integrates some great stretches into a massage.  I highly recommend her!”  Sarah P.

"Christy is wonderful! She takes her time to determine just what you need and then focuses not on just making you feel good (although she does), but also improving flexibility while addressing soreness and injury prone areas. Being a senior age-group triathlete, I need someone who understand the effects of aging on a body being pushed beyond the norm, and Christy is very tuned in to my needs. I highly recommend her! You will be better for using her!" -- Lane P.

"Massage with Christy was incredible.   She took the time to understand what was going on with my body before she started.  She then took all that information and zoomed in on my trouble points making the experience very rewarding.  Her attention to detail made the difference in my body responding to the treatment.   She also provided some maintenance tips upon departure to get me to the next appointment in a better place.  Thank you Christy for a great massage!"   - Gerald

"Christy is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of working on me. She understands what is needed when I come to her with complaints of soreness after a hard work out. She also takes the time to evaluate your condition to understand and explain what she thinks will help during your session and afterwards. She has certainly helped me to gain more flexibility and range of motion in my arms and legs. I can't thank Christy enough for her dedication and professionalism. She certainly comes highly recommended from me!"   Frank M.

"My first massage experience from Christy was transformative. As we all do, I found myself holding onto stresses throughout my body. Combined with my active and athletic lifestyle, my body was calling for some TLC. The massage was highly effective and, surprisingly, very gentle. I experience not only a relaxed overall body in addition to relief from the areas of complaint, but a relaxed mind for days afterward. Thank you, Christy. You will be seeing me again."  -- Bridget

“I have had back and neck pain for thirty plus years due to a trampoline accident. Recently, I also had fusion neck surgery to repair crushed vertebrates.  Over the years, I have employed almost every kind of therapy for pain; massage, chiropractor, physical therapy, acupuncture, Rolfing and surgery. Christy Perry is a VERY experienced and knowledgeable massage therapist. I would have to put her in her own category of excellence as she does more than massage; stretching, education and physical therapy. Her bedside manner is extremely positive and the results I have achieved through her have been substantial. I highly recommend Christy Perry for your massage needs.” ~~Mari G.

“For the past 20+-years, I’ve had “deep tissue”massages due to the perils of trying to stay fit through running, strength training, swimming and cycling. Each massage offered relief, along great discomfort. I found my session with Christy delivered significant relief, without discomfort. The time she spent learning about my body and its issues, along with the hands on care, were TOP NOTCH!”  -- Tom R.

“Words can't precisely express how effective my massage therapy session was with Christy Perry!  I am a very active person - strength training, mountain biking, 10-year old daughter!, etc - and have a demanding job that requires approximately 60% travel (national and international), annually.  As a result I suffer from lower back pain, tension in my shoulders and neck, and occasional headaches.  Christy provided a thorough evaluation of my acute physical issues and provided a customized therapy session specifically for me.  Truly a differentiator compared to other therapists I have seen!  I felt great afterwards and, as if that wasn't enough, Christy even provided tips on what I should do until our next session.  What a great experience!  Thank you, Christy!!!”  J.D.


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Bodyfusions Massage

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